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The most popular tourist attractions in Japan are gourmet food, visits to historical shrines and temples, hot springs, and activities in the great outdoors.
If you have already been to Japan several times and have visited all the major tourist spots in Japan such as Tokyo and Kyoto, the next place you should visit is the Tohoku region and other "rural" areas.

We at Find Your Local Tours guide local bus tours for Japanese locals that offer a variety of local experiences and beautiful seasonal scenery in Japan.
And we have a large selection of tours that can be joined on short itineraries such as day trips or overnight tours.

The local tour areas we will introduce to you are full of historical sites and spectacular scenery, and you can also enjoy delicious food. You will be able to feel many deep charms of the dialect and local unique charms.

Local tour areas featured by Find Your Local Tours at

Tohoku Area

  1. Aomori prefecture (Tohoku area)
  2. Akita prefecture (Tohoku area)
  3. Iwate prefecture (Tohoku area)
  4. Yamagata prefecture (Tohoku area)
  5. Miyagi prefecture (Tohoku area)
  6. Fukushima prefecture (Tohoku area)

Kanto Koshinetsu Area

  1. Niigata prefecture (Hokuriku area)
  2. Gunma prefecture (Kantou area)
  3. Tochigi prefecture (Kantou area)
  4. Ibaraki prefecture (Kantou area)
  5. Saitama prefecture (Kantou area)
  6. Tokyo Metropolitan area
  7. Chiba prefecture (Kantou area)
  8. Yamanashi prefecture (Chuubu area)

We can help you find a travel plan and book a trip, especially for those who have been to Japan more than once and want to "go deeper" into Japan.

Local tours for Japanese to enjoy with Japanese people

The local bus tours (local boat tours) listed in Find Your Local Tours are not tours designed for foreigners, but popular tours of the area, with many Japanese people participating.
By taking these tours with Japanese people, you can feel more Japanese culture and charm.

*Some tours offer explanations in English, but basically we will use Pocket Talk.

An inspiring local gourmet experience, a must for those who want to enjoy gourmet food.

Where do you visit when you want to taste a good meal in Japan?
Many people may think of bustling cities and markets such as Tsukiji, Toyosu, Ginza, or Osaka.

However, the real gastronomes visit the "place of origin (local) ".

The Tohoku, Niigata, and Kanto areas we introduce are "production areas" where fresh and delicious ingredients can be obtained.
Foods harvested in these areas are gathered at Toyosu Market and transported to restaurants in Ginza and other areas.

In other words, if you travel to the "production area," you can taste the freshest and most delicious food. You can also learn about the process of sake brewing and harvesting with your own hands.

Our website offers a wide selection of tours to "production areas" for an impressive gourmet experience.
Bus tours are also a safe way to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Find Your Local Tours'
Popular Gourmet Tours

  • cherry picking
  • melon picking
  • asparagus picking
  • Yamagata Beef Steak Lunch
  • Sake Tasting Experience
  • Sake brewery tours
  • cherry picking
  • cherry picking
  • Yamagata Beef Steak Lunch
  • Sake brewery tours

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Japan's spectacular scenery and hot springs that you want to experience at least once in your lifetime
A full range of tours that you can't get around on your own.

We at Find Your Local Tours offer many tours to enjoy the spectacular scenery and hot springs of Japan that you would like to see and experience at least once in your lifetime. It is sometimes difficult to visit such deep local sightseeing spots on your own, as it is difficult to find transportation access to them.

However, with a local bus tour, you can visit various spots with local Japanese people more efficiently than you can get around on your own.
You will be able to see the sea, mountains, snow, cherry blossoms, deep green, and autumn leaves...... your favorite local spectacular scenery.

  • Fuji / Yamanashi
  • Myosenji Temple / Niigata Prefecture
  • Kusatsu Onsen / Gunma
  • Boat to Sado / Niigata
  • Rape blossoms / Aomori
  • Miharu Takizakura / Fukushima Prefecture

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