Yamagata / Zao Onsen / Tsuruoka

Yamagata Prefecture, located on the Sea of Japan side of the Tohoku region, is famous for its gourmet food, hot springs, and natural beauty.
In particular, the area is popular among gourmets for its superb fruits such as cherries and La France pears, Yonezawa beef, which is one of the best brands in Japan, and fresh fish from the Sea of Japan. Yamagata City is also the largest consumer of ramen in Japan, and there are many delicious ramen restaurants.
Yamagata City is also rich in hot spring resorts such as Ginzan Onsen, Zao Onsen, and Atsumi Onsen, and visitors can enjoy visiting famous hot springs.
In winter, visitors can enjoy snow activities such as skiing and snowboarding. In particular, the tree ice at the Zao Onsen ski resort is known as the "Snow Monster" and overwhelms many tourists.
Nature, gourmet food, and hot springs. Yamagata Prefecture is a popular area that makes you want to visit again and again in every season.


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