Shonan Monorail Advance 1-day Free Ticket - Enjoy all that Kamakura and Enoshima have to offer!

Unlimited rides for one day! Shonan Monorail Advance 1-day Free Ticket

The Shonan Monorail connects Ofuna to Enoshima.

It is also called the "Shonan Roller Coaster" because of its daring ride on a violent road by means of a suspended monorail hanging from the tracks. It is one of the few suspension monorails in Japan, so it is a rare experience!


This ticket allows unlimited rides on all lines for one day and is very economical at the following price.

Adults (junior high school students and older)
13 years old and up
6-12 years old

*You can use the ticket after exchanging it for a one-day free ticket at the counter of Shonan Monorail Ofuna Station.
*Please check the Shonan Monorail website for details such as available sections.
*Exchange for cash, reissue, cancellation, and refund are not available after purchase.
*People with disabilities must show proof of disability at the site to purchase tickets.

Lots of special offers! Recommended for those who want to enjoy Urakamakura and Enoshima to the fullest!

With a maximum speed of 75 km/h, the monorail is like a roller coaster, offering a course full of attractions such as severe ups and downs, tunnels, curves, and steep gradients.

Flying through the quiet residential area and lush greenery, you will experience something different from your usual routine.

It is also recommended to visit the hidden gems and places of interest in "Ura-Kamakura," as it is commonly called, which travel guides do not tell you about.

Model course using 1-day free ticket (1)

Heading to Enoshima Island! Family Trip


The children arrive without time to get bored!

2. Visit the Enoshima Aquarium


3. Enjoy a luxurious lunch at a restaurant with a view of the sea, where moms will be very satisfied.

Near Shonan Enoshima Station, there are also dining spots such as diners, yakiniku restaurants, and cafes.

4. Don't forget to look for souvenirs! Enjoy shopping, too!

Let's forget about time and enjoy playing in the sea and exploring Enoshima♪

5. The return trip from Shonan Enoshima Station to Ofuna Station is also very quick.

There are also many restaurants near Ofuna Station where you can enjoy a meal at a reasonable price.

Ocean and Mountains! A trip for adults to enjoy the best of both worlds!

1. No crowds. Go to Urakamakura with its abundance of greenery

It takes only 6 minutes from Ofuna Station to Shonan Fukasawa Station. Arriving at Shonan Fukasawa Station in no time, the area around the station offers beautiful scenery with abundant greenery such as Kamakura Chuo Park and Married Couple Pond Park.

2. Get off at Nishi-Kamakura, the nearest station to Mt. Kamakura, and have a bite to eat before hiking the mountain.

Enjoy the taste of the season at cafes and restaurants near Nishikamakura Station.

3. Hiking in the rich nature of Mt!

There are three recommended hiking trails on Mt.

You can visit the famous Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha), see historical sites related to significant historical scenes, and enjoy shrines and temples as well as abundant nature.

4. I still want to go there! Enjoy a spa resort on Enoshima Island!

It takes 8 minutes by monorail from Shonan Fukasawa Station to Shonan Enoshima Station. Enoshima Island Spa is located in the best location on Enoshima, overlooking the Shonan Sea from Enoshima and with the majestic Mt.
Enoshima's natural hot springs and a variety of spa pools will relax you in body and soul.

You can enjoy hydrotherapy using the natural hot springs that spring from 1,500 meters underground and the spa pool.

By using a one-day free ticket for the Shonan Monorail, you can freely enjoy the entire area, including Urakamakura, Kamakura, and Enoshima!

We hope you will take advantage of the Shonan Monorail's one-day free ticket, which is both economical and convenient.


settlement day
(Runs daily)
(Runs daily)
classification local bus ticket
Adult ¥610 Child ¥310
Minimum number of participants 1 人 1 people

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